The Open COVID Pledge

April 7, 2020

Immediate action is required to halt the COVID-19 Pandemic and treat those it has affected. It is a practical and moral imperative that every tool we have at our disposal be applied to develop and deploy technologies on a massive scale without impediment.

We therefore pledge to make our intellectual property available free of charge for use in ending the COVID-19 pandemic and minimizing the impact of the disease.

We will implement this pledge through a license that details the terms and conditions under which our intellectual property is made available.

Visit our Adopters and Supporters page for the full list of companies and institutions who have made the Open COVID Pledge. Click the logos below for more information on each company’s commitment.

The first step for organizations wishing to make the Pledge is for them to publicly commit to making intellectual property relevant to COVID-19 freely available, by, for example, posting a public statement to that effect on their website. More information on making the Pledge is available here.

The next step for organizations who have made the Pledge is to implement it via a license detailing the terms and conditions under which their intellectual property is made available. We have created the Open COVID License for organizations that wish to implement the Pledge immediately. We recognize, however, that some organizations may have to modify this license to conform to the rules and regulations under which they operate, or may choose to adopt their own license to accomplish the same goals. We support all of these choices. More information on implementing the Pledge is available here.

We welcome endorsements from organizations and groups, like those below, who support our mission to remove barriers to the use of intellectual property with the potential to help end the COVID-19 Pandemic and mitigate its effects. More information on supporting the Pledge is available here.